Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An Acceptable Place for Rage

There have been reccent events in my life that have led me to question how rage can be used constructively to enact change. From the anger and frustration stemming from realizing the mortality of an icon to the meltdown of friendships I once centered my life around, I've realized that nothing, and no one, is stable, stagnant or guarenteed. Yet instead of dwelling in the world of the pessimistic, I've decided to direct my rage toward something constructive. For me, that's been vocalizing my life/love and admiration for the people in my life who I truly love. I guess for me, love has become my chosen weapon of dissent. For some that might sound corny, and even for me about a year ago I would've only half-listened and dismissed it as some melodramatic bell hooks theoretical bullshit, but now I feel it. People often assume that love and rage are two disparate emotions, but I feel like rage stems from the deepest kind of love, from in some way having that love shaken or challenged. I guess the balancing act becomes trying to find a way to vocalize that anger and love simultaneously, without channeling love as an act of spite. When rage is directed in a meaningful way, in a non destructive way, it becomes passion. And passion is where I'm at right now.

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