Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chronicles of a Nerd

I actually accepted my nerdiness long ago, somewhere between my obsession with Civil War documentaries and the onset of puberty. But sometimes the extent of my nerdiness catches me by surprise. Almost like a disease, I'll have my "moments" and then go "shit! quick -- run and hide."

But I think my nerdiness makes others uncomfotable sometimes. I get the impression that folks see me with my curly hair and headphones and think I'm pretty average on the underground-hip hop-afrocentrism tip. Then I'll say something and get a look that reads "is this bitch serious??"

Yes, haters. I am.

Anyway I won't go into the particulars of today's nerdy obsession for fear of yet another onslaught of ostracism (ok, maybe I will), but know that the new macbooks are blowing my mind. Technological genius if I've ever seen it. Right now I'm in the computer lab at my school's graduate center, "working on my thesis." Outside there's a fascinating display that details the advancements in computer technology since the 1970's. They've got old models of apple's, ibm's, random brands no one remembers pre-brand monopolization. They've even got the first portable computer on display, a little sqaure piece that looks scarily similar to my old playschool keyboard set I had as a youngin'. Just think of where we'll be with technology in the next five years. Are you as excited as I am?


That's aiight.

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