Friday, July 20, 2007

its not as simple as "just not giving a fuck"

People Under 30 Show Little Interest in News
by Randy Shaw‚ Jul. 20‚ 2007

"A recent report, 'Young People and News,' found that Americans under 30 follow the news even less than previously believed, with only 16% of those between 18-30 reading a daily newspaper. Nor is this group getting its news from the Internet. According to findings of the Harvard-based Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, under-30 year olds do not make 'an appointment with news every day' in the way that this age group did in previous generations, and that many above 30 do today. When you consider that the 16% figure includes the huge number of under-30 males who read newspaper sports sections each day, the percentage of those reading the news section is even lower.

"Those looking for a bright side to the findings that America’s young people appear uninterested in reading newspapers, viewing Internet news sites or watching television news can take solace in this fact: voting in the 18-30 category greatly increased in 2006..."

You Can Read More of this article @ Beyond Chron

and the actual report can be found here Young People and The News

Its quite worriesome that young americans are voting en masse without reading the news. The article linked above claims that these new young voters are pro gay rights and heavily democratic, but is that always a good thing? When i think of pro gay rights and democrats, i think of this douche-bag... But thats just me...

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