Thursday, August 23, 2007

100% Angry Rant

I am so tired of people comparing Hillary Clinton to her husband. Sometimes it works in her advantage at other times it does not, but that isn't the point.

The point is: She is her own person. Every time I hear someone say things like "I haven't forgotten this and that from when Clinton is in office, so what makes anyone think Hillary will do anything different?" I want to scream!

How about the fact that she is a different person! It reminds me how much work we have to do in the field of women's rights. If it were the other way around people would be saying "Well, things didn't go so well when Hillary was in office, but I'm sure that Bill will be his own man and not make the same mistakes."

Seriously, if you don't like Hillary Clinton that's fine. She isn't perfect and there are things that I do not agree with about her stances, but can we please recognize her as an individual?

And how about getting more women and people of color in Capital Hill? I am now living in a city that is 60% black and I have seen only a handful of black staffers or legislative assistants during my lobby and coalition meetings these past two weeks. There are more women, but only white women. This whole working in DC for a predominately white organization that tries so hard to do anti-racism work is driving me a little crazy.

In sum, I really fucking miss my ladies in Claremont.

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