Friday, September 28, 2007

Movement building tech-knowledge-ies

I'm shamelessly promoting again, but this time for a great cause:

Ya'll should join mybloc. Think of it as the myspace for young organizers and activists of color. The official "what are we" says:

"BLOC is a national network of young people working in communities of color to build alliances and fundamentally transform society." see more here.

There's also Future 5000, a project run by the same wonderfully down and technologically savvy people at BLOC. Future 5000 is an online hub of (nearly) 5000 youth organizations throughout the country. Folks registered include activists, organizers, staff, members, admirers, etc. Their "about us" spiel goes as follows:

"Future 5000 reflects the best of youth organizing and movement building. With an active directory of over 600 youth organizations, Future 5000 creates a unique and dynamic webspace for organizers to share resources, build campaigns, and develop partnerships. Log on. Build power."

Both of these are part of an emerging effort toward "movement building technology", a movement premised on the belief that community and grassroots organizations, particularly those run by and working with communities of color, need to utilize and access technology in ways that make our communities stronger.

So there. Go. Join!

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