Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Inspiration

Reggae artist I Wayne has one simple philosophy: Life. His debut album, "Lava Ground" is an expression of just that, life in Jamaica in all its nuances-the love, the poverty, the struggle of it all.

Life: peaceful, non-destructive existence is the core of his new album, "Book of Life." I Wayne in his own words:
Just appreciate life as it is and praise it. I'm against anyone who wants to change that. When one wants to tear up the Book of Life, they mess with the elements, the universe. Scientists are killing to make millions and giving false information. Just love life as it is and don't try to destroy. We need to care for life more. We can't have too much love for material because then we disregard life. I'm trying to keep it simple and real, just sharing some of what life has taught. I'm not here to force anyone but to share some of life's knowledge--just being 'naturous.'

Check it out. You just might like it.

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