Thursday, January 31, 2008

Election 2008: Clinton vs Obama

Well, its official, Edwards and Guliani are out of the election.

The Republicans are still going strong with four Presidential contenders, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul and even though McCain is the front runner the votes could go anywhere once Super Tuesday rolls around.

But the democrats are now down to three candidates and only two that actually have a chance. Clinton, Obama and Gravel are still in the race. Gravel, a former Senator from Alaska has not done much campaigning and doesn’t have a chance, but he’s still sticking it out. Unfortunately, he was not invited to participate in tonight’s debate in Los Angeles.

Clinton and Obama will face off tonight. Millions will tune in to see who can most effectively insult the other while simultaneously convincing the American people that they represent experience, change or hope and all while smiling.

If I decide to watch the debate tonight I’ll be sure to post my reactions. I don’t promise anything substantive though.

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Senbei said...

I will definitely be watching this tonight. While it amazes me that a woman and a Black man have come this far in my lifetime, I also tend to disagree with both of them on a plethora of issues. In the long run, regardless of your race or gender you won't be able to have a sucessful campaign without taking a sh*tload of money from wack people.

It saddens me that I have to choose between these two and folks like Kucinich or McKinney are given no realistic shot. I also am fully aware that a Dem in the White House will make my job as an After School Program Coordinator look hugely different than what we have under "no child left behind."

I think the #1 goal right now (sadly) is to make sure one of these two wins the presidency. The #2 goal is to pressure them into keeping the buttload of promises they have been making.

Fresh post. Love the blog.