Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fuck you, Long Island Independent

In today's Huffington Post Alec Baldwin showcases the tact of his hometown paper. Can we really say that race isn't an issue in this election?

In another slant to election news, I've been getting into some heated arguments recently over race in this sensational election. I must really like to argue because, frankly, no candidate has yet to capture my imagination. In fact, each time I hear Obama and Clinton talk about race and gender, I get annoyed. I'm a cynic, and amid all the left wing, grassroots fanaticism over this election, I often feel like I'm the only one. As Kameelah Rasheed wrote today on WireTap:

"When I say that I need more, this is the more I need. I need an alternative. I need more then the recycled script of hope. I cannot be hopeful when a candidate proclaims that the same free-market that binds me can also free me. I am not hopeful when candidates dance around and do everything but explicitly talk about racial politics. Hope requires not only the articulation of a one-syllable word, but the transformation of our values and structures so that this hope is grounded in some realistic possibility for change. I cannot hope for an end to poverty when that hope is confronted by the abruptness of continuing labor exploitation."

Give me more than dreams.

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