Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Privilege is the opiet of the people*

This blog is becoming pathetic. Damn. We post like once a month and are doing our readers (all four of you) a grave disservice. Once upon a time I had big dreams about fancy layouts and domain names -- and don't get me wrong, we're getting there, slowly. But folks got REAL jobs and other shit happens -- homelessness, depression (ie: being a mess), a steady hussle to pay those outrageous phone bills (how do I simultaneously hate the phone and go over my minutes EVERY month?!) Anyway, bare with us. We write when we want, whenever we have the energy, whenever life allows it. One day, hopefully someday soon, it'll be steady. But until then...have patience.

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Anonymous said...

Step ur game up, Jay! Hahah jk, nothin wrong with being unplugged from the damn internet. Hope all is well with you, good luck with things.