Thursday, February 7, 2008

You Know Your Neighborhood Is Gentrified When...

1. rent goes up

2. everything becomes "historic district ____"

3. the corner store turns into an overpriced organic produce market

4. Black people disappear

5. Brown people disappear

6. parking spaces disappear

7. all the good food is replaced by high priced cuisine 'inspired by' food from Central and South America, Asia and Africa

8. tour buses begin rolling down your block

9. new neighbors begin calling your family 'militant' and 'difficult'

10. children appear on leashes

11. only annoying ass hipsters kick it on the stoop after dark

12. the police and fire departments actually respond to emergencies

13. a new boutique opens on every other block

14. your 'hood is renamed to something that ends in "heights' or 'park'

15. apple computers appear everywhere.

16. the price of water drops significantly


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Anonymous said...

i was just in the mission district in frisco last week and saw all those formentioned apsects taking place. great post. spot on.