Thursday, April 3, 2008

Passing me by

This is my life, in a nutshell. I shirk away from random interactions with strangers and people I admire the most. Why? I don't know. The times when I actually do stop and get to know a stranger, it's almost always worth it. So here's a video that advocates for more random people interactions. And Dave Chappelle impersonations.

Check it:


Gee said...

I'm exactly the same way...
but i'm actually glad that yesterday I put myself out there, shook hands with two amazing people renowned in Chicana/o arts, and even got to snap a pic!
Amazing, the things that can happen with a single "hello."

goc said...

yeah im like that too ... I almost din't talk to Suheir Hammad once. But then I did and got a pic! :D