Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ruben Salazar commemorated on a U.S Stamp

Way to go for the US Postal Service, now if only the rest of the nation recognized the work of Latinos and Latinas in the US.
During his career as a journalist, Salazar covered issues closest to him, his Mexican American community and the ongoing Chicano movement. He is recognized as one of the first journalists at the Los Angeles Times to cover issues pertinent to the Latino community in a comprehensive/unbiased manner.
He was killed on August 29, 1970 while covering the National Chicano Moratorium March. While seeking refuge from tear gas that was used by the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department to break up the protest, Salazar was shot in the head in short-range by a tear gas cannon.
Click here to read an LA Times Opinion about the stamp's unveiling.
Click here to read an award-winning essay by a high school student about Salazar's legacy.

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