Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ICE RAIDS.... at elementary schools

As I am finishing up the workday, checking various blogs and new sites, i get an email from The Alameda County Labor Council for y'all non east bay kids, that's Oakland, Berkeley, and Fremont. The email was titled "ICE raids - Stonehurst School, 10315 E St Oakland CA - School out at 2:45pm" Stonehurst was a school my mom taught at way back in the day. This news is very upsetting. Raids are happening all over. The principal vetoed that ish, and told em to keep it moving. However, the audacity of theses bureaus is not something to bat an eye at.

growing up in Oakland public schools, and working for one, i have seen the worst. the rights of youth are constantly violated in schools. children are searched for drugs and weapons, harassed by security guards and police, taken away by CPS, and now we read, are at risk of being kidnapped by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

police state.

id write more, but I'm tired, its late, finals are approaching, dead lines at work.....maybe ill be more articulate on this matter in a few days...

oh, and here's a clip i found tonight from KTVU News

Another Story, Berkeley and Oakland Schools and Raids at SF GATE

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fuck this.