Saturday, June 14, 2008

MIA's 'Finna Bomb On You

(And other far less sensational headlines.)

We love MIA. Even though, as Driz pointed out, we're slightly annoyed by her white teeny bopper fans.

Former LA Weekly staff writer Daniel Hernandez recently penned an interview with the style icon and political diva in Baby Baby Baby Magazine, based in Mexico City. She had some shit to spit about creativity across the pond, fashion and launching missles from Mexico if her US visa doesn't get renewed:

...from a series of questions about what it means to be an immigrant in the United States and the creative energy that the Third World brings to it:

"America has no more creative energy than England. England has way more. All this stuff that’s happening in Middle America, if you think about it, creatively, their political stance. People fly-posting, and ‘fuck this shit.' All that shit. If you look at the designers that make political T-shirts, ‘Fuck Nike, Here’s Mike.’ That actual attitude started in England. It didn’t even start in America while they were fucking going around bombing people all over the planet. It kind of came from Banksy. We were doing shit like that 10 years ago reacting to what was going on in America, because there was no reaction that was coming out of America. […] It couldn’t have come from America. You can’t make that happen in America because they’re not tolerant. That was the whole point."

She also said, about Kala, "I wrote the album for Mexicans, shit," and that if her visa is not renewed and she must leave her place in Brooklyn she will, jokingly, "Move to Mexico and start launching missles from here." And when I asked her if fashion influences her music or if music influences her fashion, M.I.A. unequivocably said, "Fashion comes first."

Cop it at your nearest American Apparel store. Yeah, seriously.

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