Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sigh. same old same old.

Katie Couric recently said "I find myself in the last bastion of male dominance, and realizing what Hillary Clinton might have realized not long ago: that sexism in the American society is more common than racism, and certainly more acceptable or forgivable." Read the Whole Story Here

Katie, you are a white woman, of course you are saying that. This isn't new, it sounds like the same old garbage that came from the suffragists, and the first and second wave of feminists. More than a century has passed, and white women still think they are more "oppressed" than black men.

lets look at a few pieces of of propaganda that suggest Hillary had it a bit easier than Obama....

Obama Sock Puppet

Long Island Independents Gross Spoof

The rest can be seen here

This matched with all hate that Michelle has had to, and will continue to endure because of her race, including the Baby mama garbage & you can see more of the hateful attacks at Michelle Obama Watch

Michelle Obama was not chastised by the media because she was a woman, she was chastised because she was a black woman.

Minimizing race makes it easier for people to deal with it. However, it is VERY important to not look at race alone. Michelle and Barack's experience is quite different, Obama is not criticized for the same things as Michelle, its very much because of their race, but particular to their respective genders.

Yet, I am not surprised by Kaite Couric's comment.


Anonymous said...

Got damn, the sock puppet and that ridiculous ad hurt my soul.

goc said...

First, why is it so hard for people to understand that you can't seperate race and gender (and class, sexuality etc) into neat little boxes and have them fight it out to see who has it worse. I am not brown AND a woman, im a brownwoman dammit. There is no demarcation between the two.

Second, the idea that racism and sexism operate seperately and unrelated from each other is ... well stupid. Racialized sexism is very real. Take for example the whole Obama sucks at bowling debacle. Obama was and continues to be painted as "less of a man" b/c I offer, hes not a WHITE man. On the other hand, Hilary supporting feminists dint seem to take issue with the fact that she was taking shots with prospective voters so she could prove to be "more of a man." Cause you know we girls only drink cosmos.*barf* (not that i have anything against cosmos,they can be delicious).

kg said...
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kg said...


gender and sexuality are very similiar, in the way they are treated.

its the same line of thought that leads people to talk about "civil rights" and "gay rights" as mutually exclusive issues. there has ALWAYS been queer people active and prominent within communities of color. we have all talked about this in previous posts, it is a much as the media and status quo's responsibility as it is ours, we need to create spaces for people across all communities to address issues that particular to their respective identities, one should not have to decide to focus on gay rights over right rights of people of color, these issues should be addressed in both racial justice orgs as well and queer justice orgs. women need more voice in male dominated organizations and etc.