Friday, July 11, 2008

This one I can afford ... the new iphone!

Oh you know I had to do a post on this.

Its here. well almost. Walking along the streets of Pasadena today I saw a huge line of people. It went around two blocks and ended at the doorstep of the Apple Store. People have been lining up all over the place to get their hands on the new iphone, 3G! The gadget freak in me is goin crazeeee. Its a phone. a camera. a music player. A web browser. email server. GPS. gaming machine. musical instrument. The new app store gives you access to pretty much any application you could possibly think of, even if you might not be sure why you would ever use it. oh and did I mention it is all of that and still finds the time to be extremely sleek and saxxyy! Check it.

So did I join the line and am I blogging from my new iphone right now ...?
Unfortunately, I happen to be a verizon subscriber. I only have 3 months left on my contract though, so unless the new iphone turns out to be as weak as the old one (in which case I will swear off multi-tasking phones forever) imma jump on the bandwagon in a few. Till then ... Nokia will do.

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