Friday, August 8, 2008

Bad Poetry

I promised you some bad
Poetry, so
Here's where I
Give voice to those things
That words can't seem
To capture.

That beat of heart
Against ribcage, throat, and
If it didn't sound so gross,
I'd tell you that I keep my lips pressed closed
The thump-thump-thump's
Got my gag reflex 'bout to make me choke!

It's a GOOD thing. PROMISE.

And then there's that
Quiver you've got rolling
Through my body, that rush
Of adrenalin pumping
From near kidney,
And these days, I stop
On ledge or high bridge,
Lean til my pituitary gland
Kicks in, cuz
That tickle of fear
Is so near to
What you do
To me when you
Slip hand in hand,
Touch skin to skin,
and I'm IN.

Girl, I'm SO IN.

It's that high school crush
That I missed in my rush to
Fit in.
But now when you brush
Your hair from eyes or
Revel in the magic of
And try to surmise
The evolutionary benefits of certain plant phenotypes, I
Feel shaky inside.

I just wanna wrap you tight
In my monkey-arms and
Sit quietly, listening to water and breeze, or maybe
I wanna race you
Down the beach,
Climb trees,
Or hit up a club cuz you move SO

These days, you've got me procrastinating,
In the back of my mind, just waiting
For that next text,
The one that
Let's me know I'm not completely crazy
For thinking 'bout u, or
Even if I am, it's ok, cuz
U R, 2 :).

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goc said...

hmmm ... me thinks we need to catch up.