Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Changes in '09

What up Playground readers,

The idea of change in 2009 means a lot of different things -- a new presidential administration, frigid new weather patterns and, for some of us, new blogs. Over the past few months, you've probably noticed that our posts have been dwindling. Sometimes we've just been busy, but I think we generally have felt like we needed a change, new spaces and forums to voice our ideas and opinions. Blogging with a group of dope ass queer folks and people of color has been a really a great experience. This is by no means a permanent goodbye, but just a note on what we're up to in other parts of our nerdy, blogespheric lives.

GOC started her own blog, The 91st Minute.

I've started my own project, Roses and Machetes.

We'll repost frequently on this blog, but try to take the time to check out our new projects. We're hella thankful for the folks who've been consistent readers and helped us grow as writers -- shout outs to Colin and The Cheddar Box who make us feel like people actually read this!

A more detailed update is coming up soon, but till then --

Happy Holidays, sntches!



Anonymous said...

yeeee! im linkin yall all up now. stay fresh.

Anonymous said...

Much love, J, I look forward to your continued contributions that make us all more informed, conscious and fly, hahah. My post count has totally fallen off too, so I'm trying to step my game up in '09 as well.