Monday, June 18, 2007

G definitely stands for gangsta.

Thanks J for the intro…and yes, G does stand for gangsta, one rebellious gangsta, ha, ha.

So yes, I'm the new addition to the playground. What better way to start things off then with some cool lyrics by Los Angeles-based Chicano band Quetzal.

You Must Die

You aimlessly lift and shoot your barrel,
Stagger back from the buckshot,
And squint to look at what you've done.
Yee Haw yippie yo, yippe yo kay yay!
It's cowboys and Indians saddle and slay!
Old time game to justify your claim.

The killing of millions of people
Now you must die
Genocide missions no longer justified

Buy and sell, buy and sell on the homefront.
High time sales,
The poor front and buy what they cannot afford
Strip malls, 99 cent stores, and whores recruiting for their wars, young lords
To be, all that they can be

Die die cowboy die die!
Die die cowboy die die!
Die die cowboy die die!
Die die cowboy die die!

Interesting to think of these lyrics in the context of today's US.-led coalition airstrike in eastern Afghanistan against a compound where al Qaeda fighters were believed to be gathered. Among the causalities were seven civilian children. Though the compound did include a mosque and a school, coalition troops state that surveillance of the compound did not give any indications that there were children in the building. It is assumed that al Qaeda fighters kept the children inside the building as a protective strategy. A U.S. military spokesman states, "If we knew that there were children inside the building, there was no way that that airstrike would have occurred."

Interesting...? don't know if I believe it all especially when considering that in the last three days of fighting an estimated 100 people have been caught in the crossfire and killed in Afghanistan.

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