Monday, June 18, 2007

May Day March Mayhem:

Today, it was announced that a lawsuit will be filed in the federal court against the Los Angeles Police Department. This lawsuit is in response to the department's use of force against protestors at an immigrant rights march on May, 1, 2007 in MacArthur Park. Two victims of the police brutality that ensued during the demonstration state that the LAPD's tactics were direct violations of their basic human rights. One of the victims, a fifty-year old woman, was shot in one arm with a rubber bullet and hit in her other arm by an officer with a baton while she fell to the floor.

All I gotta say is that I give the people filing this lawsuit mad props for going against fears that they will be deported due to their resident status in the US.

The LAPD's use of force in what was intended to be a peaceful protest can undoubtedly be seen as a way of reinforcing militaristic, legal, and citizenship power while further oppressing those living in the shadows of American(?) society.

The LAPD has a long way to go before it regains public confidence, especially in a county where those perceived as the "minority" are really a powerful, working class majority.

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