Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Hip Hop

This one is for Jay.

Bridget Gray's Letter to Hip Hop
Find more about this artist here.

My favorite part:
Now unless I'm dreaming I could have swore, right after you called me a "bitch" you called someone else a whore, and at this point I'm trying to process a few things. What were the original words to that song and you want me to do WHAT with my thong? And I'm trippin' cause nobody is acting like anything is wrong. After all the anthem for the new millennium was "big Pimpin". And it all seems a bit surreal, cuz when I was dancing around I didn't know the damage my soul was going to feel. And there are times I'm still compelled to move, but I swear to you it's that old school groove that plays above the lyrics, beacuse if the music wasn't there I definitely wouldn't hear it! I thought Hip Hop was supposed to be a means of poetically expressing yourself but it seems these days you'd say anything to get your C.Ds off the shelf.


Grace said...

Bridget Gray is amazing! BSU had a huge festival one year at Pitzer and she was there. She was by far the favorite that night.

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Bridget spits the uncomfortable truth!