Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Front Page News?

Last week Reverend Lennox Yearwood from the Hip Hop Caucus waited outside the doors of the Petraeus hearing to get in. The policy repeatedly denied him entry while allowing others to enter. Rev. Yearwood began to question the officers about why he was not being allowed into a public hearing. Multiple officers then tackled him to the ground and arrested him. The entire time Rev. Yearwood is not resisting and many people around him are yelling at the police to stop and saying he is a peaceful man. If you do a google search you'll find Democracy Now!, some independent media sources and blogs reporting on the incident. Here is the You Tube video:

On Monday, a University of Florida student attended a speech by John Kerry. The student was given the opportunity to ask a question at the end of the speech. Right before he went up to the podium he gave a camera to his friend to record the question. After a minute of simply talking to Kerry he was asked by a police officer to finish his statement; his time was up. The student then yelled "I'm going to ask my question." and continued to go on and on. Finally, two officers began to escort him out. He then began yelling and resisting. He became so out of control that he was tasered. If you do a google search on this story you will see it in almost every major newspaper and on the front page of many today. Here is the video:

Before you read any further, please watch both of those videos. What do you notice about these two? Any striking differences besides the fact that one is a black man and the other white?

Does it look like the white boy is putting on a show to anyone else? The paper also mentioned that the student "has a history of chronicling his public hijinks". I can't begin to express my anger right now. Not only did a white boy trying to cause trouble make the front page, but a well-respected Reverend who did nothing wrong has his civil liberties violated and it is ignored by all major forms of media. People are talking about the "police brutality" at University of Florida. WTF!!!! I agree that they should not have tasered the U of F student, but who gets coverage is just ridiculous. Jena 6 happened over a year ago and major news sources have only picked up the story in recent months.

This shit is just FUCKED up.

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