Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Peace without Borders

I had been meaning to post this earlier...but hey, better late than never, right?
Check about the number of people who showed up for nothing more than PEACE.
Beauty in the making.

On Sunday, March 16, 2008 tens of thousands of people came together on the Columbian/Venezuelan border.  Their goal: to call for peace without borders, flags, or boundaries.  This event organized by the Columbian musical rocker, Juanes was an effort to ease tensions between Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador using music as a medium for peace and solidarity.  If you don't know about the recent diplomatic crisis between these countries, click here for an LA Times article on the events.

The concert was staged atop an international bridge between Columbia and Venezuela named after the liberator, Simon Bolivar.  Among artists in attendance: Miguel Bose and Alejandro Sanz from Spain, Carlos Vives from Columbia, Dominican musician Juan Luis Guerra, Ricardo Montaner from Venezuela, and Juan Fernando Velasco from Ecuador.  The obvious question: where are the women? Unfortunately, Columbian-artist Shakira was unable to make the line-up (and yes, one woman in the show would not have been a good representation either). 

[side note 1: I apologize for the absence of much needed accents, that's one thing I have yet to learn how to include in posts.]
[side note 2: I gotta say that Spanish-language news sources have a much better description of these events (and personally, I'm finding that they do much better coverage of news in general).]

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