Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It's events like these that make me reconsider leaving behind 2 hour traffic jams, doggie totes, flip flops and midnight shades.

12 hours of live music, performances, media art, and sculpture installations at the Santa Monica Pier.
aside from FREE admission (even though i'm down for paying to see this) there will be a
Ferris Wheel Orchestra...
that's right, the orchestra will perform live in the baskets of the pier's famous Ferris Wheel.

Next up...

Same night, hopefully different time.
female trio yo majesty! performs Saturday--
black female queer mc's
its an amazing mouthful and so are their lyrics
its about to get hypppped!

check out their hit single, 'club action'


goc said...

oooooooo ... im there! Lets have a playground (re)union folks in LA this weekend .... nudge nudge jay :D

Jay said...

we're going.