Friday, July 18, 2008

Reason #238 why I might make my way up to the Bay

In November, San Francisco(ites?) will have the oppurtunity to have their say on landmark issues like gay marriage, the California speed rail and redistricting (read: gentrification). In addition, they also get to decide whether or not the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant should be renamed to the George W. Bush sewage plant. George W. Bush. Thats right, they get to call GWB out on his shit (pun intended).

And if you have time (what better way to try make it to the end of the working week) the close to 200 comments on the DailyKo's blog post provide some very interesting insight to this matter of grave importance.

Some of the points brought up in the comments:
1) This is an apt dedication to the legacy of GWB ... he has turned the world into a big crap house.
2) This is an insult to sewage plants everwhere ... they are actually very useful.
3) This is an insult to the workers who work there, they deal with enough shit already and perform a very important public service. Why make them work in a place named after satan himself?
4) This is inappropriate ... what GWB has doen to the world (the killing, destruction, looting and plundering) is not a joking matter and this is belittling the pain of all those who have been affected by his evilness.
5) Along similar lines, this is a waste of time. Why waste (hehehe) energy on something that actually serves no practical purpose. This why the republicans have been in office for 8 years, liberals are sidetracked by symbolism.
6) This is making the best of a bad situation. GWB has made us cry so much, why not have a laugh at his expense. Sometimes you need to laugh to prevent rage induced fits.
7) This is stupid b/c GWB is probably to dumb to get the insult. He will look at the sewage plant as another conquest his name has been put too. And then the republican media will describe it as a majestic building with an ocean front view, deidcated to the heroics of our president.
8) Bush who? Lets re-name every toxic shit hole in the country after Cheney.

My personal opinion: I kind of agree with all of it to be honest. Would I have volunteered my own time to try get signatures to put this on the ballot? Imma say no to that one. But then ... I did spend the last hour reading all the comments, so obviously I am extremely ammused by the idea and have no grounds to judge people who did put in effort to get this proposition on the ballot. The only thing I can say in my defense is that atleast I am getting paid for the time well spent. And this was definitely more fun than working on ways to make an over-priced drug.

Happy Friday!!


obw said...

Yeah this better be reason #238, because we all know what reason number ONE should be - cough *me* cough cough


kg said...


id rather not ever have to think of that awful man again. bump that, no naming it after him.