Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Playground ... uncovered

I have a theory. And my excessive use of observed statistical facts that is about to follow might make it seem like I am indulging in whiteness, but bear with me.

Looking at the last 20 or so posts, the vast majority of them (including this one) have been posted between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00pm, CA time. Further more, the volume of post follow an almost freakishly Tan curve (yeah I like calculus, wateva). The posts start of slowly in the first few days of the week and then exponentially increase in volume as the weekend approaches. And what makes this trend most Tan like is once you hit friday evening, BAM! The posts fall to near zero, till the next slow pickup on Monday (if you get why I choose Tan and not Sin or Cos, I am not the only geek here).

Now from my personal and cyber interactions with some fellow playgrounders I have gathered that most (but not all) are currently located on the West Coast (is there another coast?). Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge most of these said bloggers allegedly partake in 9-5 paid work activity. Combined with the preceding Tan curve-ish observation (whereby blogging activity corresponds to alleged 9-5 work activity for all but the bloggers currently not located on the West coast, and co-relates inversely to the distance from highly anticipated weekend) it can be reasonably concluded that this is a Playground full of procrastinators (atleast one alleged procrastinator openly admits to this fact, see below).

But this is not your bunch of average procrastinators. If one is to investigate into the archives of said playground, one will learn that not too long ago the alleged procrastinators were doing so at the expense of their over-priced but job-enabling liberal artsy education. However, the alleged procrastinators have reached a new level of procrastination expertise: instead of procrastinating in a self-harming manner, they now make money while doing it (this is conditional to the assumption that alleged 9-5 work is in fact paid). Case in point: the writer of this post just made close to $15 while indulging in self-entertaining but ultimatley useless analysis. Profiting from self-professed intelligent and witty observations: now that is me being white.


Jay said...

your nerd game is off the charts.

Sky said...

i appreciate how we've applied our scientific, mathematical, and statistical tools of analysis to talk about REAL life ;).