Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm bored, and obviously procrastinating. In lieu of doing my usual facebooking, I'm opting for something far more spiritual: a lyrical excavation of Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr's approach to the game of life.

Some might wonder, "Why are you so obsessed with Weezy?" I guess it's true, there's nothing pro-feminist/womanist or pro-queer (minus his whole kissing-Baby-and obvious homoerotic steez). His is an unconventional kind wisdom. See below:

On everlasting love:
I wouldn't care/
if you was a prostitute/
and you did every man/
that you ever knew/
as long as that was/
way before me and you/
-- Prostitute Fling

On self reflection:
I've flushed out the feeling/
of me being the shit/
'cause I was leaving skid marks/
on everywhere I sit
-- Lollipop remix

On creativity:
I don't know what you on/
but I'm on some new shit/
while your bitch is on my dick/
like a glue stick
-- Kush

On The Perils of the Game:
I know the game is crazy/
it's more crazy than it's ever been/
i'm married to that crazy bitch/
call me Kevin Federline
-- I'm Me

On heartache:
Give me back my girl/
and you give me back my life/
See this is just a nightmare/
so I blink twice/
open up my eyes/
hoping she'll be in my sight/
i remember the time/
i wish i could bring it back/
what she means to me/
is what i mean to rap

On musical legacies:
I attack before/
you begin to react/
i'm from the dirt where the Beatles/
and john lennon be at
-- Help

On vulgarity:
it's no problem/
baby i still got 'em/
it's just a victory lap/
baby, i'm just joggin'/
and i ain't even out of breathe/
the mothafuckin' best yet/
sorry for cussin'.
-- Best Rapper Alive

His Game:
And guess what?/
My daughter wants another/
sister or brother/
and you lookin' like a mother
-- Receipt

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Anonymous said...

On religion:

"Can I Kick My Story To Yall/
My Glory In God/
My Faith In My Flow/
I Pray That I Go/
Where No Other Rapper Has/
And When You're Rappin' As/
Vivid As I Ya Limit is The Sky/
So I/
Study B.I./
I Bang Tupac/
I Hum Aaliyah
And Soldier Slim Was A Leader/
Who Am I Not To Follow Greatness/
I Give These Mc's Hell Like They All Atheists/
Tell Them Hatin' Niggas One Like They In The Matrix/
And Tell The Cops I Can Buy My Own Braclets"
--La La La

On the drug game:
"8 AM open my eyes/
Yeah kick my bitch tell her open the blinds/
And I'm, over the stove at 9/
Yeah I'm cookin breakfast for the block then I let her cook mine/
Yeah quick line in the bathroom before we bounce/
Not me I mean her she go a day a ounce (damn)/
Y'all pray for her/
While I'm at the bus station in the Bently sittin' low as I wait for ya/
I'm gettin' dough I'm a paper---boy I will take ya/
For the right paper--boy I will take her/
Shake her--tape her--waist up/
Send her to the money she be back before I wake up/
Get cha cake up/
Y'all niggaz lame ducks/
Ya prolly get ya game up when I'm givin the game up/
My name wayne what/
Hot boy flame up/
You niggaz tryin to change up and I'm gettin my change up"
--I'm A D-Boy

Ah, Weezy, the list goes on and on...