Friday, August 1, 2008

How Women Make Me Crazy


Women drive me crazy, y'all...
In every possible way.
Like now? I got women makin my insides Flutter.
They've got my sympathetic nervous system so
Worked up,
I ran sprints up and down
The hall outside my office this morning--
You know, to use up that
Energy released by
So it didn't turn into
Settle near my heart, and
Cause a
Heart attack, or something?

Man, oh man... Women.

So this one woman's got my Heart
still try'na piece itself back Together again... cuz see,
I was sure she was the one I wanted to spend Life with.
And now she's sure I'm not.
Yeah, she's the one who's got me believing Mariah's words...
Got me haunted by the Passion. There's no shame or Blame involved, but I'm still
Learning to let go.

Then there's the woman who's got my insides warm
like homemade
Ginger tea as it falls from esophagus to Stomach,
Spreading Comfort in its heat.
She and I've been had this thing
Brewing between us for a minute, and
While part of me would love to
Pull Pot from flame
And sip concoction,
Wrapped in the vermilion Glow of our connection,
Most of me feels like
That shit aint done steeping.
I long to
Taste the tangy, sharp, Spicy depths
Of a second boil, and I know that
No matter the end result, it's gonna be
Truly special.
Because for the first time in my life,
I'm patient.

Woman number three's got me ripping down Walls,
Despite myself.
Twenty-three years later, I find Myself
Cocooned near her Womb.
Once again in touch with the
Roots of my
Laying down the Arms I was sure I'd need for
Finally finding home
In her embrace.

And there's the one I want to
The one who's got more Power over me than she knows.
Cuz five years ago, we took
A long walk
Around the park
After dark,

(And by "park" I mean our college campus,
But Ms. Scott's words flow more
And she was the first woman to Share with me the Beauty
of mutual attraction.
For her,
I seek Peace and safety.
But she gets me worked up with this
Hot-then-cold, close-yet-distant Veil she throws out,
Tormenting me with doubt about if
Or when
We'll next make contact.

There's also the woman
Who's knee-deep in it.
I mean, she's got some Shit goin on. And
She's got me yearning for a Lake
And grass
And a patch of Shade large enough to shield us both from the heat of Noon,
As I sit behind her,
Pull her in,
Hold her until she feels the sheer Magnitude of her own
Strength. She's got me try'na channel Energies and send
Positivity over hundreds of miles so that
"Home" and "employment"
Find her before she loses the Conviction to
stand tall in Herself.

Finally, there's the woman who's got me
Wiggly. I mean,
She literally has me grinning. And I'm the guy who
Leans on a sly Smirk.
She's got me caught up in that giddy feeling of
And I'm slipping into ignorance the fact that
we met
through a Friend
who wanted More with Her.
Cuz she permits me safety to
re-explore flirtation,
Nestled in soft Botanicals,
Lapping smoothly at our ankles
In twilight's Tide.

Women, y'all.

Women got me one big
Hurting loving
Aching burning
Tender bare
Yearning grinning giddy


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R. said...

beautiful, sky. what heaven do you come from?