Friday, October 3, 2008

Thoughts About Last Night's Debate?


goc said...

ummm ... so I am DETERMINED to not blog about this election. Now I can just write a long ass comment instead. Ready?


I have been trying to give Obama the benefit of the doubt for sooo long. Every time another Pakistani says "his Pakistan policy is not very nice" I have been like listen, he needs to appear hawkish to win the election and prove to ignorant white people hes not Muslim. I even truly believed that he was not ACTUALLY going to be this hawkish. and not just in relation to Pakistan.

Well, I blame myself for ignoring the warning signs. I should have known when the first speech after his nomination acceptance was at AIPAC, the biggest pro-zionist Israeli lobby. In which he said he was for a unified Jerusalem! Even BUSH is not for a unified Jerusalem. And the VP debate just hit it home.

They are both gonna support state sponsored bombing of us brownies, they disagree over where to concentrate most of the air power. Maybe I needed to hear a white man say it, for the true import of the POLICY to hit home. But make no mistake, no matter how progressive Obama's politics are, how much I can relate to his story and no matter how badly I want to see someone who "gets it" in the white house, this is still HIS policy.

And then all this talk about America this, America that, American dream, greatest nation on earth ... my dinner was on the carpet.

And as far as gay marriage goes, I understand the subtle point Biden was trying to make when it comes to constitutional rights vs. supporting gay MARRIAGE. And I have heard it before and I think its BS. Spare me Mr. progressive. I know you don't want to put yourself on the line by saying you support gay marriage, but until you are willing to do away with the entire institution of marriage get out of my fuckin way. Thanks.

K done.

p.s. I am not even talking about Palin. I don't know where to start.

goc said...

side note: I love that Palin can tolerate me. Thanks you great white hockey mom savior. Now answer the question!