Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Buckin up to Soca

Get this: I think I'm ACTUALLY cracking my way out of a 13-year depression. ACTUALLY. I'm really hoping this isn't some short-lived euphoria, some hormone induced high. Somehow, I don't think it is--because I feel that joy on a spiritual level.

Anyway, in my happier state, I've been listening to a good deal of soca lately. Thought I'd share this Super P jam with y'all.

GOIN DOWN TONIGHT (Grenada Soca 2007) - Super P

It's one of my favorites cuz it's a lovely response to Bomani:

Ah Not Going - Bomani

Anyway, enjoy the soca! And for all the lady lovers out there, I hope y'all are the type who "go down and say they do...."


Eazyduzzitt said...

You didn't tell me you've been listening to soca?

Sky said...

:) yah! makes me feel close to a couple of my favorite people...